[EM]EClaims Maintenance

This is where we can do the little things with eClaims that eClaims doesn't do. To be able to actually do stuff here you must first have an account.

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New Look It's a good thing, honest.

Hopefully the site will be easy to read and to work in. We're using new industry frameworks that help developers communicate well with users of the systems they create.

New Features more better stuff

Reorganizing how this website is retrieving, handling and displaying data enables developers to be able to update the site with new features quickly. So, if there's something you think the site should do better, let them (james) know about it.

What's Next or how to actually do stuff

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If you already have an EClaims account and you are a CRMC employee you should already have access to approved features of EClaims Maintenance. If you know that you should have access, but can't get in; bug someone in IT.

Security & Improvements

In an effort to provide a better system to end users, we track usage on this site; including access times, locations, etc. This helps us understand when and how the site is being used. If you have any questions about this please see IT. Of course if you come across anything that isn't working quite right, or you have an idea on how to improve this site please also let us know.